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Baha'i-Inspired music -- BahaiDevotionalMusic.com -- A resource for music for singing, devotions, Feasts
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Welcome to Bahá’í Devotional Music
by CoffeeCup Software
Devotionals for August
Arrival of Bahá'u'lláh in ‘Akká
Bahá'u'lláh in the Siyáh-Chál
72+ Devotional Programs from which to choose!
Readings (PDF) & 3 songs (MP3) fitting with the devotional theme
Devotionals are sent to you by e-mail
Each Feast Program package includes readings and 4 songs
Click here to see the packages for the next 3 Bahá’í Months!
Asmá (Names)
‘Izzat (Might)
Mashíyyat (Will)
Feast Program Packages are sent to you by e-mail.
5 CDs and accompanying songbooks!
Click on the CD page below
NEW available options
Intone...the Verses of God”
Singing His Praise on Holy Days
Hymns of Praise!
Raise Your Voices
Sing the Verses
Samples available on each CD page to give you an idea of the songs!
The Ark and Gardens in Haifa, Israel
You're listening to the song sample for
All Praise, My God, Be unto Thee
from the “Hymns of Praise!” CD
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(c) 2011, 2012 - ZakMo
Bahá’í Holy Day Packages come with readings and 5 songs
Next Bahá’í Holy Day: Birth of the Báb
Holy Day Packages are sent to you by e-mail.
All copies of requested choral works
will be sent to you by email,
so you can print out your own copy!
A Special Thanks to Anne Perry for her recent comment:
“Lovely work! Your voices are in such unity. The music reminds me a little of the quality of some of the more lyrical songs of ‘Sunday in the Park with George.’ That's a compliment! I think that someone could really get lost, in a good way, in listening to all of your music. Sing on, O songbirds!”
PLEASE NOTE: If you encounter any difficulties,
please visit our
“Contact the Webmaster” page,
leave us a message,
and we’ll get your request sorted out
as soon as we can!
Assistance with your Community Devotions
is just a click away!
An MP3 of the requested work
will be sent with your request
at no extra cost !
Click on the title of the CD you're interested in below!
Remembering Ron Lyles!